Stage 09


Beginning and ending in Salta 7 days?


Travel dates: 30.10 – 5.11.2011
?Travel price excluding air travel: € 1.980,-?
Surcharge for single occupancy room: € 250,-

The train through the clouds


The old colonial city of Salta is the starting point and final destination of this stage. It is connected to some of the most beautiful and exciting locations in central South America by a network of roads that will thrill any off-road enthusiast. The road will lead through high mountain passes and the surreal landscape of the the Atacama Desert, taking participants to rarely visited sites such as the Valley of the Moon.

Day 1


Separate arrival, evening meal together and hotel accommodation iin Salta.

Day 2


?Route for the day: Salta – San Pedro de Atacama?. Early morning start and drive along the tracks of one of the highest railways in the world, the Tren a las Nubes, which means "Train to the Clouds" in English. Sightseeing tour of the spectacular, 24-mtre long, 1600 ton La Polvorilla viaduct. Border crossing from Argentina into Chile. Drive through the Port de Huaytiquína Pass (altitude 4,293 metres) in the Andes, alongside the active volcano Lascar nach San Petro de Atacama. Sightseeing visit to the Valley of the Moon in Chile at sunset. Overnight accommodation in hotel.